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Gieselle Allen Logo
At the end of 2018, I worked with Gieselle Allen of Gieselle Allen Coaching to develop her brand identity and website. Gieselle Allen is a San Francisco Bay Area Business and Life Coach for Ambitious Women. Gieselle came to me with no brand identity in place and a website that wasn't meeting her needs. We decided to establish her branding first, and then to give her existing Squarespace website a makeover to align with her new brand. Since Squarespace is simple to use and it can be made highly custom with CSS code, we agreed that we would do the redesign on the platform using the Brine family of templates.

Gieselle's Brand Identity Experience consisted of all of the items included in my logo design experience, plus alternate logos, patterns, textures, and custom typography. I put all of these design items into a brand board for the client to reference when creating new brand materials. I also provide a propriety style guide with color codes and logo usage guidelines, not shown here. Gieselle's website experience included five web page wireframes, a homepage mockup, and a complete Squarespace website rebuild. The three brand collateral items were an add-on to her Brand Identity Experience.

Gieselle's new brand is colorful, different, and powerful, but it is not quirky. I wanted to give her a look like no other online coach, and since I am one of Gieselle's coaching clients, I had greater insight on her niche. The color palette is reflective of Gieselle's bright and vibrant personality, and more importantly, the colors are rich, so they do not detract. My favorite part of this experience was creating the custom font for the logos. The process of creating this custom font strengthened my design skills, and it set the theme of the entire brand.

Brand Concept

Brand Audience

  • Ambitious Women
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Women

Brand Colors

  • Bright
  • Original
  • Rich
  • Warm

Brand Keywords

  • Bold
  • Creative
  • Courageous
  • Fierce
  • Intelligent
  • Loving
  • Soulful

Brand Development

Mood Board

Gieselle Allen Mood Board

Color Palette

Color Palette for Gieselle Allen

Logo Design

Logo Variations for Gieselle Allen

Brand Design

Gieselle Allen Brand Board

Brand Collateral

Letterhead Design

Gieselle Allen Letterhead

Presentation Template

Gieselle Allen Presentation

Workbook Template

Gieselle Allen Workbook


Gieselle Allen Website

I enjoyed working with Gieselle immensely, and the challenges that I faced helped me to produce my best work yet. Gieselle’s support throughout the experience was invaluable, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. You can view the live website at Do you have a concept that you want to turn into a brand? If so, please sign up here to learn more about my process and why you should be investing in your brand identity.

Note: All of the mood board images are courtesy of Pinterest.