About Us

Our Approach

We understand how much creativity, strategy, and thoughtfulness goes into creating your design concepts. That’s why we treat your project like it’s our own, bringing the same intention and attention to detail into producing the very best concept for you.

Our Story

Elizabeth is on a mission to empower women to build businesses by providing the tech support they need to get off the ground. Back in 2017, she was working as an aerospace engineer and wasn’t enjoying the mundane tasks and toxic work environment. Every day was the same. She was daydreaming of traveling the world and having a career that she could manage remotely. That’s when Elizabeth discovered a design + tech skills course bundle and decided to dive in. She started working as a freelance graphic web designer, and quickly realized how necessary it was to learn the coding and development side of design implementation— It just wasn’t that straight forward and took time to learn. Having been in web designers’ shoes before, and after learning the technical side of things, Elizabeth decided she could bring more value through development. Now a web developer helping designers build their visions, Elizabeth is so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many incredible women, to travel with her work, and to learn from and grow with each client.

Our Impact

Giving back and empowering women who pursue STEM careers is a huge part of our values here at Elizabeth Geren Co. Once a full-scholarship female engineering student at a predominantly white and male technical university, Elizabeth felt a sense of otherness. She quickly learned the importance of diversity inclusion and how non-profit organizations help underrepresented groups excel in their careers. For this reason, we are proud sponsors of the Women Who Code, meaning we donate a small percentage of all gross revenue to fund programs that help women build careers in tech.

Hey Designers!

How would you like to...

  • Save time & increase your capacity by outsourcing technical work
  • No longer have to Google “custom CSS code”
  • Be stress-free and avoid project delays due to technical issues
  • Expand your client base by offering design for more platforms
  • Have a tech support team on standby

Sound like a dream come true?